Mr Yash Birla has authored the book, “Building The Perfect Body.” In the course of the promotion of his book, Yash Birla with Sangram Singh at Padel Tennis Federation spoke about fitness, the importance of sports, and a healthy diet. Both fitness icons shared a similar ground in their thoughts and opinions on sports as well as fitness.

The book promotion was held at Celebration Sports Club, Andheri. Mr Bakul Rajput has recently introduced Padel in India. Padel is a hybrid of squash and tennis. On a court encased by the glass and metal mash walls, it is typically played in doubles. The court is a third of a tennis court in size.

Yash Birla Standing With 2 Guests Holding Racquet

Any wall can be used to bounce the ball off of, however, it can only hit the ground once before returning. When the ball does bounce twice in the opponent’s field, points may be scored. This sport intrigued and grabbed the interest of Yash Birla with Sangram Singh at Padel Tennis Federation.

Mr Yash Birla and Mr Sangram Singh spoke to the media about the importance of fitness and taking care of your body. They both share similar views about their perception of building the perfect body. Yash Birla signed a few copies of his books and gifted them to the Sports Management Students from IISM, Andheri. The event ended on a good note with both the guests playing Padel while interacting with the other guests.

Yash Birla Playing Tennis On Lawn