You may spice up your existing exercise regimen in a number of ways, including by increasing the intensity of your workouts. For instance, if you jog or sprint intermittently when walking or running, or add additional hill work to your route. You can also engage in different exercises and cross-train to give your body a fresh challenge. 

According to Yash Birla, the Fittest Business Icon Of The Year, changing the order in which you complete the training activities is a good substitute for resistance-training workouts. You are forcing the muscles to adapt to a new training stimulus by fatiguing them in a different sequence or pattern. In this article, we are going to learn the importance of variety in your workout routine, with Yash Birla’s point of view.

The Fitness Benefits of Doing Different Workouts

  • You’ll target more muscles.

Yes, completing pushups will work your chest and core, and performing squats daily will build your quads and glutes. To engage a greater variety of muscle groups, you should combine workouts like punches, overhead presses, donkey kicks, deadlifts, and sun salutations, suggests Yash Birla. By varying your activities throughout the week, from strength training to yoga, you may target both larger muscle groups and smaller ones that you might miss with a single modality.

  • You move in more planes of motion

It’s crucial to move your body in different ways if you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, as this can result in aches, pains, bad posture, and other problems. According to Yash Birla, changing up your routine gives you more opportunities to move not only front to back and up and down, but also side to side and even in rotation. For instance, while you jab and cross in boxing, there are a lot of rotational workouts involved, HIIT exercises may be performed in all planes of motion, such as up and down (like burpees) and side to side (i.e. skaters).

  • You get to know your body better

Yash Birla says that you can determine your areas of strength when you work out in a variety of ways. Self-awareness is a skill that people can use outside the gym floor. Trying a new exercise challenge and surprising yourself is a terrific approach to building self-confidence.

It can also assist you in identifying any muscular imbalances or areas of potential unequal weakness. To that end, don’t be hesitant to push yourself in your less-developed fitness areas, such as when you need to improve your barbell technique or your running form. It’s something you can eventually master and excel at. The more you do whatever it is, the least you’ll learn to feel a little less uneasy doing it — you just have to start.

  • You get stronger, more powerful, and more flexible.

Because each of the three workout modalities offers something unique, Yash Birla specifically mixes strength training, cardio, and yoga. You can increase your strength with weights, your cardio and endurance with HIIT, and your mobility and flexibility with yoga. This includes all the excellent movement techniques that will enable everyone to develop into a better version of themselves. You can add heavier weights (for strength) or do more stretching (for enhanced flexibility) depending on your goals, but combining all of these modalities makes you a stronger athlete overall.

In conclusion, Yash Birla advises remembering that performing the same exercise routine every day is not necessarily a bad thing. Some folks want a schedule that is consistent and predictable. They are pleased to maintain their health and fitness levels with a cosy workout habit and don’t mind the prospect of hitting a training plateau. To stay motivated and excited about their workouts, many people, however, need to challenge themselves and attempt new things. People can keep themselves mentally and physically active by changing their exercise regimens.