Work is a part of life, just like everything else. A business experiences a lot of ups and downs as well, believes the Birla scion, Yash Birla. He is the chairman of the Indian conglomerate, the Yash Birla Group and heads over ten industries. Over time, he has proven himself to be a very successful businessman. But his entrepreneurial journey has not been an easy one. In this article, learn more from Yash Birla on business challenges.

People understand the challenges of new venture startups but often overlook the struggles of established businesses. Yash Birla, the young tycoon’s business challenges were in abundance. He was just 22 years old when he had to take over the business, after the sudden demise of his family. He shares, “When I took over my company, everything was in turmoil, but, over time, through hard work, we got things back on track.” Who knows one day, things might be tough again, but as long as you can accept that everything is transitory, you can come to terms with the challenges the universe throws toward you. Nothing can be taken for granted in business today.”

With the support of family and mentors,

Yash Birla began his entrepreneurial journey.

In such a big organization, problems continue to happen but with experience and great leadership skills, he has learned to handle them all gracefully. Yash Birla on business challenges shares that opportunities and challenges in digital business, ethical issues, and business intelligence issues are examples of contemporary business problems.

Yash Birla shares his business advice in his book, ‘On a Prayer‘. He says, “Being at the helm of a company comes with its challenges. You will be blamed for the mistakes made by others, but it is your responsibility to take ownership of the actions of everyone under you. The world, the press and the people may think you have wronged them, though you may have done nothing.” He further shares, “From every mistake, there is something for you to learn. Focus on that, and you will eventually succeed. Work hard, for a higher purpose, enjoy what you do, and love it but with detachment. Do it without expectations but with passion and dedication.” Young entrepreneurs can learn a lot from his journey which continues to lead toward success. As a great leader, he has inspired a lot of people with his values, business management, and ethics.