Obstacles are stumbling blocks that keep you from accomplishing your goals. They are the restrictions that prevent you from realising your aspirations, and you must go through them to advance in life. Setting goals is not sufficient; you must also take action to achieve them. Only at the point of execution, when unforeseen setbacks and obstacles materialise, does life become miserable.

The life story of Yash Birla is like an open book. He has always been vocal about his life events. It is not an understatement to say that every success comes with challenges which is the case with Mr Yash Birla. These difficulties frequently manifest as issues that you must resolve. Tackling odds in the life of Yash Birla has been one of the most difficult things.

Some obstacles in life will tear you apart. You discover your true self when this happens. You may not always be fully aware of your strengths and tendencies. There are challenges out there to push you past your comfort zone.

The reality is that once you are aware of your flaws and habits, you can begin to take steps to overcome them and achieve in life. You’ll be forced to overcome these obstacles, which will lead you to your true self, believes Mr Yash Birla.

Tackling Odds in the Life of Yash Birla 1

During a discussion on tackling odds in the life of Yash Birla along with his business and fitness as well, he said, “Yes, it is very true that every business and company has its ups and down, just like our life, where we always keep on learning from our mistakes. But we have to move ahead with all the learnings from the instance because every down has something to take away from it. I believe that these odds are challenges in life which are significant for our growth. These situations compel us to have remorse and go out of our way to come up with creative solutions. We have to lift through the down because there are a lot of things associated with a business; it is not just about yourself, there are a lot of other people, a group, a team, the economy and the market. You are just a mere part of the whole thing which affects everything else around you. So, you have to take responsibility and learn something from it to move ahead.”

While talking about the obstacles in his fitness journey, Yash Birla shared, “As far as fitness is concerned, to be honest, it could only be health, if at all for minor reasons that made me compromise on any of my fitness routines. I have been consistently in fitness for more than two decades now. With god’s grace, there have been very few intervals over the years like travel or health issues. These are the only instances where I had to take a gap in my workout plans. So, I don’t feel like there has been an impediment to my fitness journey.”

Tackling Odds in the Life of Yash Birla 2

Yash Birla shares some advice for people going through a rough time – “I would say that to rise above all odds in life you should never stop believing in yourself or your abilities. You should never underestimate yourself. Trust in your own resourcefulness, give yourself a chance and be kind to yourself.”