Yash Birla, a prominent industrialist, is equally committed to his health as he is to his business. He exercises every day as part of his routine. He works out in his sizable private gym, which is located on the terrace of his historic Malabar Hill home.

The Birla scion maintains his muscular build by adhering to a stringent diet. Yash Birla is an advocate for the integration of the mind, body, and spirit. He strictly adheres to a vegetarian diet, defying the fitness industry’s perception that bodybuilders should consume meat as a source of protein. Even eggs are not consumed by him. He obtains his natural proteins from vegetarian foods including tofu, soy, lentils, milk, and dairy products. He adds whey proteins as a supplement.

Yash Birla shares an important aspect of his life which is food in his recently launched book “Building The Perfect Body.” He says, “I am not at all putting forward a custom to opt for vegetarian food but I have instead nullified the belief of a few people who say vegetarians cannot have a good muscle mass.”

As he has a traditional Indian soul in him, he says that he eats a Satvik Diet which is said to feed the brain with positivity and good thoughts, this is always said by our sages, and saints and which he believes is true, Satvik Diet is healthy food, especially for Bodybuilders.

The food habits of Yash Birla include the following:

Meal 1:(8 am) Breakfast

– 1 Bowl of Muesli 

– 1 Cup of Green Tea 

– Fresh Fruit Juice 

– 25gm Whey Protein Shake

Meal 2:(12:30 pm) Lunch

– 200 gms of Curd (made of skimmed milk) 

– 1 Bowl of Salad (especially Greens) as it has lots of fibre 

– 4oz Cottage Cheese (made of skimmed milk and has lots of protein) 

– Fresh Fruits (Guava, Figs)

Meal 3:(4 pm) Pre-Workout

– Grapefruit (as it has more antioxidants)

Meal 4: (7 pm) Post Workout

– Protein Shake / Sauce 

– Carbohydrates

Meal 5: (8:30 pm) Dinner

– 1 Bowl Soup 

– 1 Bowl Green Vegetables 

– 1 Bowl Mixed Vegetables 

– 1 Bowl Kidney Beans 

– 1 Bowl Lentils 

– 2 Rotis

Post Dinner (10 pm)

– Casein Protein (which releases protein slowly in the body which helps to replenish)