You frequently visit the gym. You work on your physique by lifting weights whenever you get the chance. However, while becoming stronger, you are not gaining the desired amount of muscle mass. Yash Birla believes that developing muscle mass to bulk up calls for a focused plan.

Even if your body is naturally thin, Yash Birla suggests that you can adhere to these 5 rules to build muscle mass.

Rule #1: SMART goals are necessary to increase muscle mass

A good but nebulous objective is to just become bulkier. SMART objectives are made to guarantee that you can really accomplish them. How to smartly increase your muscle mass aim is as follows:

Specific. Do you want a certain set of muscles to get larger? Do you have any body parts that you would want to have a greater definition of?

Measurable. Gaining 1-2 pounds of muscle every month is reasonable. Choose your pounds based on how many months you will devote to achieving your target. Don’t base your long-term weekly objectives on the first few weeks of increases because you could gain weight quickly at first.

Achievable. Take into account all of your upcoming commitments. Set new targets as necessary.

Relevant. Remind yourself of your motivation for achieving this objective. If it’s difficult to stay motivated, locate everyday reminders of your motivation, such as posting a photo of the body you want in a prominent place.

Time Constrained. Choose a time frame for when you want to complete this task. Put a schedule for that period of time on your calendar. If a goal is not time triggered, it is not a goal.

Rule #2: Be Prepared

Nobody ever gains muscle mass by chance. You must make and follow a strategy if you hope to achieve your SMART bulking objectives. You’ll need to incorporate a dietary plan, a fitness programme for building muscle, and extra rest into your approach, advises Yash Birla.

You’ll need to have access to the appropriate gym equipment in addition to your plans. A variety of free weights and strength training gear are essential. The Pump fitness centre by Yash Birla provides all the tools you need to carry out your strategy. Additionally, our trainers can assist you to find the proper paths for your plan’s activity, diet, supplements, and accountability!

Rule #3: Modify the Workout Plan

Do you know what a fitness plateau is? That’s what it’s called when you’re exercising regularly and working hard, but your objectives simply don’t seem to be getting closer to reality. Small changes frequently make a big effect. 

You may add these quick, yet powerful, tweaks to your training routine to gain muscle:

  • Exercise with free weights first, then switch to machines.
  • Since it’s simple to stand, hold, or lift incorrectly, request feedback on your form. Compound workouts should be done more often because they are easy and help you gain weight more quickly.
  • Lift heavier objects employing numerous muscles rather than just a few and lifting more weight
  • Move more slowly when lifting weights.
  • Alter your regimen every 6 to 8 weeks to prevent your muscles from adapting to your regular routines and stalling your growth.
  • Choose workouts that use both major muscular groups, such as your shoulders, and smaller ones, like your traps.

Rule #4: Eat for muscle gain, not muscle loss.

Gaining weight as fat is simpler than adding weight as muscle. Yash Birla says what you consume counts, just like when trying to lose weight. Additionally, you must consume more calories than you expend. Men’s Health provides a straightforward calculation to determine how many calories you should consume each day. A good general guideline is to have a diet that has 12 to 15% protein, 55%–60% carbohydrates, and 25%–30% fats.

Naturally, not all calories are equal. Choose lean proteins, nutrient-dense carbohydrates (such as whole grains), and healthy fats. Try to eat dishes like steak and potatoes with greens as often as possible. Find a couple of decent protein smoothie recipes, and between meals, snack on proteins like nuts or meats.

Rule #5: Hit Snooze

Unbelievably, one of the most crucial aspects of gaining muscle growth is rest. So that your muscles can adjust and regenerate, you should take at least one day off from exercising each week. For the same reason, avoid working out intensely on the same body area twice in a succession.

Also, hit snooze! Your body has to put forth a lot of effort to create muscle. It is advised to get between 9 and 11 hours of sleep every night. Don’t go below 8 hours if that isn’t doable. Your muscles require it.