Yash Birla is a dynamic business tycoon known for his upfront and candid demeanour. His life is like an open book, and everybody knows about different happenings and occasions of his life. He is a famous media personality, but, unlike other businessmen, he has never masked anything and has always been his true self. The Birla family is intertwined with the industrial and social history of India. Thus, people value his opinions and views on different sectors of life. Let us see Yash Birla’s view on politics in this blog.

Yash Birla, in a talk with Shobha De, shares his strong opinions.

When asked about his view on politics, he did not shy away from putting his point of view across. He responded that as a businessman, he has to be involved and aware of the current political scenarios of the state and country, and it has to be conducive to the economic growth of the nation.

In all honesty, the Birla scion admits that he does not take much interest in the day to day political changes that keep taking on. As long as the government is stable and is contributing socially to the growth of the company, the working class, and improving the business environment, he does not pay much heed to the political section of the news. Moreover, he says that he does not look at who is in power or outside of power, as it is of no interest to him.

Ms Shobha De, in her talk with Yash Birla, asked him about his interest in the local Maharashtra elections. To which he answered, “I care for the local Maharashtra elections because most of our industries are based in Maharashtra. The development of Maharashtra is important to us and our side of the family as businessmen. Apart from the social cause, we have been living here for generations, and I would love to see this part of the country prosper.” He also shares that his relationship with Maharashtra goes beyond business and has a personal touch attached to it, and that is his beautiful wife, Avanti Birla. Avanti Birla comes from a Maharashtrian family. This gives him a little more attachment to the state. Also, he adds, “I do not get into the intricate details of the politics that go in the state or at the central level, just in a broad spectrum. Even in newspapers, I do not give much importance to the political news. I read Economic times back to front because that concerns my work.