Anyone considering a fad diet should keep in mind that there is a reason why they are termed fad diets. At best, they are useless for long-term weight loss, and at worst, they could be harmful to your health. In this blog, learn Yash Birla’s view on intermittent fasting.

Yash Birla, one of India’s most powerful businessmen, is respected for his advice on being healthy and fit. He offers the knowledge he has acquired over his roughly two decades of practice. He vehemently disagrees with the notion of fad diets since they are unsuitable for long-term wellbeing.

Yash Birla is primarily a vegetarian due to his background and faith. There are three categories of food in nature – Sattvik, Rajasik, and Tamasik, according to Ayurveda. He adheres to a Sattvik vegetarian diet because Ayurveda suggests that it promotes positivity. He mentions, “I am against fad diets like keto. To kick start a diet regime, may be good, but it cannot be maintained for a lifetime.” However, he further adds, “Intermittent fasting is good. Even our ancient yogis used to practice fasting and eat only once or twice a day. Fasting is good for the body and mind because it detoxifies the body. I follow Falahari fasting on Mondays, where I only eat fruits and milk products.” Again, there is no such thing as one fits all. He says, “Your body speaks to you, and always listen to it. If you are acidic, then staying empty stomach for a long time is not advisable. Sometimes, I have acidity. So, intermittent fasting is not feasible for me.”

Yash Birla’s view on intermittent fasting is positive,

but he says that there are certain points that one should consider before jumping onto a trending diet. “In intermittent fasting, you have to stay empty stomach for long hours. It may be good sometimes but not every time. It depends on the weather, climate, and individual body, says Yash Birla”

Yash Birla suggests, “I would rather suggest that you would slowly and steadily start a healthy lifestyle and follow any diet that suits your body.” Furthermore, he adds, there are various body kinds, and some of them cannot fast due to their acidic nature. Therefore, the best course of action for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to combine healthy, balanced food with an exercise programme that fits your lifestyle.