Cutting your calorie intake by 15% is the safest approach to losing weight. This will help you maintain your hard-earned muscles and guarantee that the decrease in metabolic rate is as little as possible, says Yash Birla.

Yash Birla is one of the most prominent fitness enthusiasts in India. He shares his secret fitness tips in his upcoming fitness books which have allowed him to maintain his physique over the years.

Weight loss is a straightforward calculation of calories in and calories out. It might also be the most complicated thing to undertake at the same moment! Additionally, your glycogen reserves quickly run out, resulting in weariness, a decline in performance, low energy, and increasing hunger. Fat and muscular tissue may end up being broken down to provide fuel.

Yash Birla says, “My advice for anyone starting is; don’t start anything that you cannot sustain for the rest of your life!”

Here are a few of Yash Birla’s tips to lose fat,

which not only includes fat burner methods but also help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

  • Count your calories

Half to one kilogramme can be lost off the body weekly effectively. A half kilogramme is 3500 calories, therefore, burning off roughly 300 calories per day is a manageable effort. To do that, cut back on the extra biscuits, drink one glass less of soda, and increase your exercise routine to burn an additional 200 calories per day.

  • Increase your physical activity

Increasing your physical activity will give your weight loss a head start. The best strategy is to make sure your workout routine incorporates both cardio and resistance training. The hormone that makes you feel good is released while you exercise, keeping you energised all day! Simply, do not go overboard. Your body will burn calories at the best rate and will be less likely to suffer from muscle tears if you engage in physical exercise for no more than 30 to 60 minutes at a time.

  • Keep a food diary

A food journal will help you stay aware of your eating habits. You can examine the various occasions and motives for your meals by outlining everything you consume, and you can then make changes as necessary. Reading food labels, being exact with your calorie and nutrition intake and staying consistent are the best ways to achieve this.

  • Eat low energy density food

The number of calories in a food item expressed as calories per gramme is called energy density. Choosing foods with an energy density of fewer than 1.5 calories/gram is the apt strategy to lower your calorie intake. Make careful you eat less frequently and in smaller portions if the energy density is higher.

  • Consume fibre-rich foods 

After ingestion, fibre grows, giving you a feeling of fullness. As it takes longer to travel through your digestive system and stabilises blood sugar levels, the feeling of being full also lasts longer. Without engaging in any dieting, you can simply increase your fibre intake to guarantee weight loss.

If you want to learn more about Yash Birla’s tips to lose fat and more fitness as well as health tips, then keep an eye on his upcoming book. The book is a treasure for those interested in exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.