A visual object or experience that has been intentionally made through the expression of talent or imagination is known as art, also known as visual art (to separate it from other art genres). The term “art” includes a variety of media, including art installation, decorative arts, printmaking, painting, and sculpture.

Yash Birla is an art enthusiast.

He takes great interest in collecting paintings, decorative arts, and sculptures. Yash Birla’s love for art can be seen oozing in his house and Head office in Mumbai. In this article, let us take a deeper look into Yash Birla’s impeccable taste for art.

A photograph can be looked at in many ways; to some, it may just be an image, but for some, it has a thousand memories. Yash Birla is fond of collecting photographs and keep the memories captured and stored in frames forever. The walls of his house and his head office are full of pictures of the Birla clan, his family, and the great leaders that had a connection with his forefathers. He describes the walls and pictures as a depiction of history. They have photographs of freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhai Patel, which are signed with small messages written by them. His whole business is dedicated to his family. Thus, he has photo frames of his parents and family in his office. These small details show the appreciation he has for his family.

Paintings add a character and charm to every room, to which Yash Birla is enamoured. He does not like bold and bright paintings, instead, he chooses murals that add subtle allure to the room. Being an old-school person, Yash Birla admires and cherishes vintage things. Collecting vintage pieces of furniture and different furnishing items from his travels to foreign countries is one of his favourite things to do. Every property he owns holds a vintage and Indian charm to it. Yash Birla’s love for art and the way he chooses to express himself and his personality through it are commendable. It all exudes calmness and positivity as well as brings freshness to everyone who glances and is around them.

Yash Birla is a man of great taste and makes sure that his surroundings are as fine as his choices. Being around things that make you happy and speak your character helps to improve productivity and leads to a better mood.