The Yash Birla Group is one of the most reputed conglomerates. The Group functions on the idea of a plan first and moving forward. The Group’s journey in education began at the turn of the millennium with involvement in building tools and aids, which support teachers, students and schools. This was achieved by building multimedia content that was curriculum-based and used by the teachers to supplement subject-based knowledge.

Mr Yash Birla, Chairman, Yash Birla Group stated “Education to me is the process by which we develop different facets of our personality. A big part of our personality is being creative and figuring out what we are good at and pursuing our dreams without any inhibitions.” He also said that the last three decades has seen exponential change and progress in all walks of life, unfortunately, at the very same time, the quality of schooling has deteriorated. He emphatically said that we need to bring back creativity and the joy of learning into the classrooms.

Yash Birla’s education industry aims at wholesome solutions were also provided by setting up computer laboratories etc. Today, they are present in over 200 schools across the country and over the next three years will reach over 5000 schools enhancing the quality of education in our schools. The Yash Birla Group also owns Gopi Birla Memorial School, one of the prestigious educational institutions in South Mumbai. Facing the Arabian Sea provides a serene environment for studies. As a co-ed school affiliated with the C.B.S.E., it holds a distinct place in the education fraternity.

Yash Birla’s education industry focuses on skill enhancement. He says the time belongs to those who are highly skilled, innovative and who continually learn and develop to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving world. These individuals will be leaders in their respective fields and ambassadors for sensitivity to the environment, economy and society. They will significantly contribute to whichever region of the country they are in and to the country becoming a Global Leader.

The Birla Edutech institutions will have a well-mapped presence across the country and overseas and will be community cornerstones for learning.

Yash Birla’s education industry is planning to set up around 200 preschools, over 100 K-12 schools, 15 super speciality colleges and 20 teacher training institutes.

Birla Edutech Ltd has already successfully entered the pre-school category with Globe Tot’ers.

Birla Edutech Limited’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last held on 29 December 2020 and as per records from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), its balance sheet was last filed on 31 March 2020. Directors of Birla Edutech Limited are Shwetank Upadhyaya, Yatharth Gautam, Nirvaan Birla. The vision of Birla Edutech is to revolutionize education and to ensure that our institutions live up to their promise of nurturing complete human beings. It will set up preschools, schools and super speciality institutions across the country and beyond in the coming years.