Many people tend to mimic the routines, rituals, and habits of successful and influential people. Every other day, fascinating tidbits about well-known celebrities’ private lives emerge, piqueing the interest of many. People appear to believe that imitating the behaviours of successful businessmen, information technology executives, politicians, movie stars, and other role models will bring them similar fortune, fame, and wealth.

Mr. Yash Birla, Chairman of the Yash Birla Group and a well-known media personality,

is no stranger to all of this. People look up to him as a prominent and wealthy businessman, and they frequently try to emulate his lifestyle. Learn how to deal with ‘Superstitious Learning’ from Yash Birla in this article.

So, why do people tend to mimic or imitate the lifestyles of celebrities? According to Yash Birla, “The answer lies in a powerful psychological process known as “superstitious learning.” The brain is constantly attempting to connect two events. People frequently confuse coincidence with causation, which leads them to attribute their success to traits or behaviours learned from role models rather than their own effort and aptitude.”

“We must understand that being able to follow in the footsteps of successful people and emulate it is a great capability,” Yash Birla on superstitious learning advises those who emulate public figures. People should be aware that these celebrities were also inspired by someone or something. It could be caused by the environment, a person, or an event. So it is your aptitude that allows you to pick up the right things and develop a successful personality, which ultimately resonates with the original person to whom we are attributing it.” “When the results are derived, it is critical that people understand that it is not the creation of your role model,” he continues.

Yash Birla on superstitious learning adds, “This is not to say that the resulting habits are completely devoid of benefits.” Adopting rituals, which include completely random behaviours learned by individuals they look up to, can help overcome anxiety and may even result in a noticeable improvement in performance by providing a sense of self-determination. However, those inspiring icons should not be given sole credit. As with everything in life, inspiration can come from anywhere. The source of inspiration should be acknowledged, but that should not be the beginning and end of everything.”