Yash Birla said it was his great privilege to be amongst all the esteemed people of the ISKCON Trust and others. He has been to Jehangir Art Gallery for decades for many different occasions. He has attended many exhibitions that portrayed the Artworks of Indian Contemporary artists but this was a different experience for him. The devotional feeling he had was very fulfilling to him.

Yash Birla was invited as the Guest of Honour for the Art Exhibition

honouring the 125th Holy Appearance of Srila Prabhupada at Jehangir Art Gallery. In this Exhibition, various illustrations are depicting the Divine Meditations, Ecstasies, Emotions and Moods of Srila Prabhupada. Yash Birla at Art Exhibition in Jehangir Art Gallery expressed his ecstasy through his words.

Yash Birla shared one incident from his life that seemed to have impacted his choice of paintings. He said,” When my mother was alive she used to collect a lot of abstract paintings. We had many at our house. Once my grand-aunt from Kolkata came for a visit. She had a look at these abstract paintings and asked us what do we feel when we see them? I said it makes me feel good when I look at the painting. She told me to have look at the paintings, their faces. She explained that those abstract paintings were incomplete with no finished features. There was complete abstractness in all the paintings, with twisted and depressing texture.”

Yash Birla at Art Exhibition in Jehangir Art Gallery says that this viewpoint changed his stance forever. From that day he only bought devotional paintings. He collected a lot of ISKCON Paintings, Paintings from the Bengal School of Art depicting Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Lord Krishna’s life in an elaborative way.

Yash Birla was invited as the Guest of Honour

Yash Birla was invited as the Guest of Honour

This Art exhibition opened up the windows to the spiritual world, showing us the blissful life of Bhakti to Lord Krishna in the form of the most beautiful paintings done by his beloved disciples. This exhibition is dedicated to world peace by glorifying the pure devotee of Lord Krishna. All Artworks are personally painted by Haridas Thakur Das. A resident Monk in ISKCON Chowpatty.