The alleged health benefits of detoxes and cleanses are frequently discussed. Our bodies cleanse themselves naturally. Toxins are broken down daily by your digestive system, liver, kidneys, and skin and are eliminated through your urine, faeces, and perspiration. What about the bitter gourd juice you’ve been consuming? Probably not what you believe it to be doing. So, why should you detoxify your body? Let us learn more about it in the article below with Mr Yash Birla’s opinions.

Mr Yash Birla takes great care of his body and advises people to do the same. One of his daily rituals includes having infused water to provide his body with the required nutrients and to stay hydrated as well.

What is a detox cleanse? 

The idea behind cleanses is that you can get rid of impurities by cutting out solid foods or certain dietary groups, said Mr Yash Birla.

It is designed to give your digestive system a rest so that it may recover and go on to absorb nutrients more effectively. The items recommended in a cleanse are frequently not necessarily harmful to you.

Types of detoxes and cleanses 

Many detox diets and cleanses advocate drinking beverages instead of eating solid foods, such as special water, tea, or fruit and vegetable juices. Despite being well-liked on social media, there isn’t much solid scientific evidence to support the benefits of detoxes and cleanses.

  • Green tea detox

Green tea has numerous established health advantages. Research shows a lot of benefits of green tea, which connects drinking green tea to: 

Green tea is good stuff. Does that imply you should consume a gallon of it to detoxify your body and look radiant? Not quite.

You should be careful not to drink too much green tea because it contains caffeine. Furthermore, excessive consumption of green tea or high doses of green tea supplements has been associated with gastrointestinal problems, liver disease, bone diseases, and other problems. Yash Birla makes sure that he includes green tea occasionally in his diet. 

  • Detox water

Pick your preferred fresh produce, herbs, or fruits. Depending on your preference, chop the ingredients and add them to either hot or cold water. If you prefer it cold, place the mixture in the refrigerator for one to twelve hours so that the beneficial properties of the components can fully permeate the water. Detox water has far too many positive health effects. Detox water can help food travel through the intestines more easily and reduce constipation. Mr Yash Birla drinks cucumber-infused or aloe vera-infused detox water regularly due to the abundant cooling properties it has.

When you drink enough infused water to stay hydrated, you’ll undoubtedly feel more energised and happier. Similar to normal water, increasing your intake of infused water can aid in weight loss by momentarily raising your metabolism and increasing your caloric expenditure.

  • Do detoxes actually work?

Human body organs like the kidney and liver help with detoxification. But doing so necessitates consuming enough water, which must be done. By using detox water as an internal shower to flush out toxins from your food, drink, air pollution, and other sources, the body can be cleansed, explained Yash Birla. When the proper amount of water is ingested, the kidney, liver, and other organs function at their best. Along with many other benefits, being hydrated helps bowel health, regulates body temperature, optimises digestion, and eliminates toxins from the GI tract. Because of this, it’s important to drink enough water to replace the water lost through breathing, digestion, and perspiration.

So, to conclude, why should you detoxify your body? Yash Birla believes that drinks such as regular water, sparkling water, sports drinks, juices, and other liquids can all help the body rehydrate. Water that is detoxified or infused is currently popular. It is simply water with seasonal fruits, herbs, or vegetables added for flavour. You can even blend all the flavours you like. Detox water is infused with goodness. Because it only comprises flavours, it has low calories and helps detoxify the body.