What brings you happiness? Why is it that certain people are eternally positive despite whatever life throws at them?

Even though some people have a predisposition toward happiness, it’s more probable that these people have simply found more of the things in life that make them happy and are making good use of them.

What things make Yash Birla happy? He believes in simplicity and looks at life from a different perspective. Little things in his life make him the happiest. You can boost your own happiness quotient, which is wonderful news!

  • Start With a Good Dose of Gratitude

Your degree of happiness can genuinely shift when you are cognizant of your blessings, believes Mr Yash Birla.

He suggests spending some time each morning thinking about all the things for which you are thankful. Keep a gratitude notebook before going to bed. Describe three to five items for which you were thankful on that particular day. To help your brain absorb all that goodness, visualise these things clearly using all five senses.

  • Do What You Love

Do what you love, and the money will follow, is a saying you may have heard. Doing what you enjoy doing—and, even better, getting compensated for it—are effective methods to increase your happiness.

You’re more inclined to appreciate other elements of your life when work feels like play is something Mr Birla staunchly believes in.

  • Get Enough Exercise

Few things that make you joyful have been studied as thoroughly as exercise. Exercise is beneficial to your body in numerous ways, so make time for it.

First off, you’re engaging in physical effort, which is what it was intended for. Because humans were designed to move around, the body functions best when it does so.

Additionally, a lot of feel-good hormones are released as you exercise. These hormones can help people feel happier and less stressed.

According to one study, “Exercisers were happier and more satisfied with their lives than non-exercisers at all ages.” The good news is that you can start experiencing exercise’s incredible advantages in as little as 30 minutes says Yash Birla.

  • Take Time to Meditate

You can calm your body and mind in only ten minutes by sitting down, lighting a candle, and practising deep breathing.

By doing this, you connect with your inner self and invariably gain a deeper understanding of your values and priorities, stated Yash Birla. That will increase your happiness and encourage you to do more of the things that bring you joy.

  • Eat Healthier Foods

You have probably heard the saying “You are what you eat.” In addition to making your body feel good, wholesome eating can also help with your mental health, states Yash Birla.

Your body will let you know if you consistently eat boxed noodles, canned entrees, or fast food by making you gain weight, making you feel lethargic, and possibly developing a variety of health issues. If the things you eat are bad for you, how can you look and feel your best?

You’re not only taking better care of yourself when you eat better, but you’ll also feel younger and more alive. Your overall health will literally improve.

All the little daily rituals and habits you have lead to happiness. If you wish to start feeling happier, and then think about the question – What things make Yash Birla happy? You’ll probably remember the 5 things listed in this article. Try and incorporate them into your daily life as well.