Even your preferred shoe style can convey a lot about your personality, just like your clothing does.

Mr Yash Birla says that your footwear can alleviate your outfit. Your choice of shoes can give folks a peep into your inner self, whether you’re a sucker for sneakers or obsessed with wearing boots. Learn what your shoes can tell others about you…

What does a man’s shoe say about him?

  • Formal black shoes: You put in a lot of effort, are courteous of other people, and demand the same in return.
  • Sandals with socks: You not only appear foolish, but you also come across as a lazy guy! Flip flops: You’re laid-back and carefree, you never give in to pressure, and you frequently have little interest in the outside world.
  • Oxfords with a lace: You are a dependable man who is frequently seen as gentlemanly.
  • Boots: When you frequently wear ankle-length boots, you project the image of a manly, fashionable, meticulous individual that everyone appreciates.

Shoe trivia

Psychologists claim that in addition to style, the colour and condition of your shoes reveal a lot about you. Researchers say that choosing dull shoes in dull colours may make it more difficult for you to develop partnerships. If you enjoy wearing well-worn shoes, you are outgoing and emotionally secure.

You’ll be well on your way to solving outfit problems if you know how to employ footwear to produce proportions that flatter. The rules for wearing flat oxfords, boots with jeans, and shoes with cuffed/rolled pants all start to make sense at this point. 

Unconventional combinations

Having said that, an outfit frequently offers more than just traditional figure flattery, believes Yash Birla. The most outrageous and inventive street style ensembles these days are praised for being cutting-edge and fashionable, giving the impression that nearly anything is acceptable in the world of fashion. Putting together strange clothing combinations is quite hot right now, and one way to do so is by pairing an outfit with odd footwear. As a result, recommendations for creating proportions for footwear that are attractive occasionally become obsolete.

But Yash Birla still believes that in order to cleverly break the so-called conventions while still feeling confident in your outfit, you must master the art of conventional footwear flattery.

Color & pattern

Although it is not required, one very effective technique to frame an outfit is to match the colour of your shoes to the colour of your hair. Yash Birla generally wears light-coloured shoes or patterns that are white, taupe, or cream-rich since he frequently bookends the colours of his hair and shoes. The eye moves up and down the body naturally, noticing the symmetry in repeated colours and perceiving them as a pleasing combination.

Conversely, you can regard shoes as a stand-alone piece, making a statement and producing the exact opposite impact of repetition. For instance, combining a grey outfit with red shoes elevates your whole look.

Last but not least, shoes don’t have to be neutral or solid. These tips from the fashion icon, Mr Yash Birla, will make it easier for you to pair printed shoes with clothes. Patterned shoes are his favourite type of footwear. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Additionally, to produce a put-together appearance, non-neutral shoes, brights, and pastels can be bookended with other elements of your outfit.