Shri Ram Mandir is a great shrine located on the outskirts of Nashik, Maharashtra. Everything about this place and the temple is prestigious. In terms of power, faith, and blessings, everything here is extensive and magnificent. Among all the believers, Birla’s are the renowned one. 

Mr. Yash Birla is known to seek blessings from this temple


Shri Ram Mandir Society

The beautiful shrine was constructed by members of the Birla family in 1969. Besides seeking blessings from the almighty Ram, the temple integrates social and noble initiatives to help society.

Initially, the inauguration of the temple was solely done for the members of the Birla family. The temple soon became accessible to the public. The shrine adds a touch of ancient architecture to the temple that can be witnessed on every edge.

Shri Ram Mandir is a sacred religious spot for all the Hindu people and devotees. During religious celebrations, the temple provides free food called Bhadaras to devotees.

There are various Hindu festivals celebrated here, including poojas, havans, and lighting ceremonies.  

The temple is not only a religious destination but also a perfect place to conduct temple weddings. Thus, families can even hold temple weddings at a minimal cost.

Shri Ram Mandir temple is one of the major attractions and attracts thousands of Hindu devotees during the festivals of Janmashtami and Diwali. This temple was an exceptional one built-in Nashik by Birla Family.