Industrialist Mr. Yash Birla leads the establishment of Shree Pashurakshak Mandal Trust in the year 1953. The purpose of this trust was to foster various animals and give them extensive care and shelter to stay, especially those rescued from the wild.

Shree Pashurakshak Mandal Trust

Mr. Yash Birla carries a soft concern for animals 

The trust is located in the hilly areas of Thane. Much generic public can visit the place to feed animals on various occasions.

The Shree Pashurakshak Mandal Trust lead by Mr. Yash Birla is registered under the Maharashtra Public Trust Act, 1950, and registered under section 12 A of the Income-tax Act 1961.

Inside the gaushala, things work with clockwork precision that ensures animals stay in good health and spirits. The Gaushala has more than eighty-two types of animals which are taken care of by eight employees. Here at the land of animals, you will find cows, dogs, buffalos, and goats. These animals varied in quantity. There are,

– 15 male cows and 23 female cows.

– Four dogs and five puppies

– Five Buffalos

– Two Goats

All of these animals are taken care of by the feeder. The feeders are full-time workers who are paid a salary by the trust. The trust also provides food for the daily consumption of the animals. All the animals fostered are fed thrice a day.

In order to take care of the animals, the trust built individual shelters for each group. All the animals on the property are fostered from various locations. Few of them were injured and then fostered. Apart from getting daily supplements from the trust, the Animal Home also receives donations from the trust or visitors. The donations are done in the form of monetary support or by food. The vicinity also conducts sales margin through the production of milk. The cow milk is sent across many dairies for the selling of milk.