From machine tools to carpets and from electrical appliances to property development, the group ventured into Ayurveda-what was the reason for entering this segment?

The personal care sector is considered one of the few recession-proof industries and with a good reason.

The Yash Birla Group is now diversifying into personal care and Ayurveda

. The major reason for a drastic growth is the Youth. Today’s youth is purely adopting the organic way of living and hence, Ayurveda is the choice. Cultivating the natural and organic lifestyle helps in keeping your body & mind fit. I, personally, adapt Ayurveda in my daily lifestyle/ routine. I believe in offering the same to the youth for them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Hence, Birla Ayurveda is a natural mantra for people to conform to new well-being and wellness.

How Birla Ayurveda was built and how the challenges of the pandemic were tackled?

It was a huge challenge to implement Birla Ayurveda in the technology sector. It is a division that is completely different from other sectors. The main agenda about starting the sector was our formulation. Ayurveda products were formulated under consultation by the best Ayurveda experts of Kerala. Covid-19 was global devastation for everyone. In the industrial sectors pandemic and complete global lockdown brought a drastic fall. The Ayurveda sector during this pandemic had a fast-running phase, offering different Ayurveda products to the people for them to keep their immunity strong.

Being a keen fitness enthusiast, it will be interesting to know your thoughts on Ayurveda for a stress-free life as well as tips on boosting immunity.

Fitness is nothing but a gateway for a healthy mind, soul, & body. Fitness is not only looking good but also a formula to keep your internal body strong and healthy. To keep your immunity strong through Ayurveda, one can practice these easy yet health-beneficial formulas:

  • Drink warm water daily
  • Practice the art of meditation including, Yoga and Pranayama, for at least 30 minutes every day.
  • Adapt the Ayurveda therapy like Swedana, Abhyanga, Pizhichil, & Shirodhara at least once a week or a month.
  • Let your body adapt to the variants of Ayurveda herbs.