Nipponzan Myohoji, a Japanese Budh temple is located in Worli, Mumbai. The temple was built in the year 1941 by the

ancestors of the Birla family

. The temple was inaugurated in 1956.

Bhikshu Terutsuga Morita is a Japanese Monk who is been looking after this temple for 45 years. He migrated to Mumbai in the year 1976, looking after many Buddhist temples in India.  Morito has been looking after this temple for many years. All his possessions are stacked in a tiny room where he lives.

For him, India is the ultimate destination for spirituality. It is a nation of unity and happiness. Morito, being a Japanese monk, sees himself as an Indian citizen, spreading the light of divine color and happiness to the masses.

Yash Birla and Buddhist Monk

Beautifully, this place has the aura of a meeting of the soul and peace. It’s chanting at the beginning of the day provides this temple’s visitors with a great aura of energy. It sets a different vibration in people’s souls.

Yash Birla truly supports this temple and the monk of the temple. As a man with a belief in spirituality, Yash Birla has always been mesmerized by the aura of this temple. The beautiful temple not only brings him the paradox of peace but also rejuvenates his soul with happiness.

He is a person of a holistic vision. Peace entitles his soul, body, & mind. This holy place is managed by a monk from Japan.