The inaugural IFBB Pro Qualifiers Bodybuilding show in Asia, the Sheru Classic Pro Qualifier Series, was organised by the International Health, Sports and Fitness Festival (IHFF), a premier event. The world’s top professional bodybuilders, well-known strength and conditioning trainers, and top nutritionists have all participated in the tournament over the years.

Yash Birla is one of the pioneers in the field of health and fitness in the country. He is one of the most looked-upon fitness icons in India. In his book, “Building The Perfect Body,” he says that fitness is not just a physical game; it is also a mental one. Yash is the ultimate seeker, and his constant pursuit of mystical solutions drives him to pursue his dual interests in wellness and beauty. He has now been invited as a guest at the Amateur Olympia India, Mumbai, on the 30th of October at 4 pm for the Pro-show event.

Numerous Indian athletes will soon find a foothold in the international bodybuilding scene because of Sheru Classic’s significant contribution to the sport of bodybuilding. In order to raise awareness about the topic, he had the foresight to start and run the International Health and Fitness Festival (IHFF), which has made India a target for the global bodybuilding and fitness community.

The Amateur Olympia India competition, which will be held in Mumbai on October 28th, 29th, and 30th, 2022, will include some of the world’s strongest men and women and significantly boost the confidence of Indian athletes who will demonstrate their prowess in this stage. Through the IFBB Pro qualifications, Sheru Classic will offer aspiring fitness models a distinctive platform. To show his support towards the athletes, you will see Yash Birla at the Amateur Olympia India, Mumbai, at 4 pm on 30th October.

The story of the brand Sheru Classic is incomplete without Sheru Aangrish – Asia’s second professional bodybuilder, who has spearheaded the transformation of Bodybuilding in the country and is also a close friend of Mr Yash Birla. Sheru Aangrish, the top professional bodybuilder in Asia, has been a part of the field for 22 years and is well-versed in it. Yash Birla at the Amateur Olympia India, Mumbai, will share the stage with Mr Sheru along with other dignitaries present at the event.