Mr Yash Birla’s book was released to encourage fitness and bodybuilding in India.

18th January 2023 in Mumbai: – Celebration Sports Complex, Lokhandwala, Andheri 

Greater muscular strength is strongly associated with improved force-time characteristics that contribute to an athlete’s overall performance. Much research supports the notion that greater muscular strength can enhance the ability to perform general sports skills such as jumping, sprinting, and change of direction tasks. Further research indicates that stronger athletes produce superior performances during sport-specific tasks. Greater muscular strength allows an individual to potentiate earlier and to a greater extent, but also decreases the risk of injury. Sports scientists and practitioners may monitor an individual’s strength characteristics using isometric, dynamic, and reactive strength tests and variables.

Not many books have been written on bodybuilding in the Indian context. It is a general assumption that pursuing bodybuilding is a full-time occupation. So although each one of us secretly wishes to have a perfect body, we shy away from it as it looks far-fetched. In this era of competition, it is essential to have good fitness to improve yourself and be a part of it for a long time. The main purpose of this book by Mr Yash is to explain this importance.

Mr Yash has written the book “Building the perfect Body” based on bodybuilding in the Indian context. Mr Yash Birla explains that in order to build a perfect body, one does not need to spend hours in the gym. Starting to work out every day for at least half an hour is a great start for any beginner. This book also shows healthy vegetarian diet, and holistic lifestyle also helps to achieve fitness objectives. This book promotion will be held on 18th January 2023 at Celebration Sports Complex, Lokhandwala, from 7 p.m. onwards.

Mr Yash Birla is an established businessman, a diligent leader, a flamboyant fashion star, a fitness freak, and an excellent author. Talking about the book, he says, “For everything that I do, spirituality is the foundation. Whether it’s my work, my relationships, my fitness..there’s always a base of spirituality.”

Padel Tennis is promoting the book, thinking it helps Padel enthusiasts to perform. Padel is the fastest-growing sport in the World. This is a blend of two games Squash and Tennis. Padel tennis federation is also supporting this promotion, talking about this book, Federation President Bakul Rajput says that “Fitness is most important for any sport, and it is because of Yash’s experience that it is very useful, and we believe that the understanding of fitness better than Yash is unique in India, and we support all those activities which make people aware of fitness.”