What Is Jump x Pump?

The Jump represents a personalized approach to promoting health and well-being. It aims to enhance longevity and vitality through a tailored blend of advanced pathology and diagnostic assessments coupled with innovative therapies, all under the guidance of experienced professionals. At Yash Birla’s Pump Gyms by Birla Well-being, we have introduced these transformative therapies in collaboration with JUMP x Pump.

Welcome to the realm of Ultimate Vitality and Well-Being!

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey toward proactive health and wellness, igniting your enthusiasm for a vibrant and thriving life.

realm of Ultimate Vitality and Well-Being

Jump Solar (Redlight Therapy)

Photobiomodulation, also known as Red light therapy (RLT), is a treatment that aids in the healing of skin, muscle tissue, and other bodily areas. It involves exposure to low levels of red and near-infrared light, which activate mitochondria, often referred to as the “powerhouses” of cells. Red light therapy is gentle, utilizing minimal heat and causing no harm or skin irritation.

Jump Breathing (Ewot) Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

Imagine achieving youthful blood-oxygen levels by exercising for just 15 minutes each day while inhaling increased concentrations of oxygen. Would you be intrigued by such a system?

About The Therapy

This method entails inhaling 95% oxygen during exercise to elevate oxygen levels in the blood. Unlike typical air, which contains 21% oxygen, EWOT involves continuous inhalation of 95% pure oxygen throughout the exercise session.

Jump Flow (Herzhose)

The Underestimated Self-Healing Potential Of Our Bodies

About The Therapy

Developed at Charité Berlin, Herzhose is a patented, personalized, non-invasive treatment that enhances blood circulation throughout the body. This technique, known as pulsation Therapy, promotes the redistribution of blood volume and accelerates blood flow.

Jump Flow (Herzhose)

How does it operate?

Comfortably lying down, pressure cuffs are wrapped around your lower body. These cuffs inflate during your heart’s resting phase and deflate just before each heartbeat. By precisely synchronizing with your heartbeat, Herzhose Therapy acts as a ‘second heart,’ reducing the workload on your heart and improving its efficiency.

Jump Capillary (Cold Water Bath)

About the therapy

Cold Water Therapy is a therapeutic practice that involves immersing your body in cold water or exposing it to cold temperatures for various health and wellness benefits. It has been used for centuries in different cultures and is based on the idea that exposure to cold water can stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

In conclusion, these therapies help you to achieve your fitness and health goals in a completely safe and controlled manner. This collaboration of Jump x Pump at Yash Birla’s newly launched wellness centre – Pump Gyms By Birla Wellbeing at Malabar Hill, Napean Sea Road Mumbai, is done with the intention to help individuals grow and achieve their fitness goals.