The age-old Garud Mandir in Yamkeshwar was renovated recently. It was possible because of the Birla family. The Garud Mandir is situated at the entrance point of Laxman Jhula. The inauguration ceremony of the renovated temple took place on the 6th of March. At the inauguration ceremony on Sunday, there were many members present.

Garud Mandir in Yamkeshwar

Garud Mandir in Yamkeshwar


the eminent guests present at the event were Mr Yash Birla,

Ex-President of Parmath Niketan Shri Chidanand Muni Maharaj and MLA of Yamkeshwar Shri Ritu Khanduri. The inauguration ceremony of Garud Mandir by Yash Birla was a very important event keeping in mind the heritage of the place.

The members present at the event offered flowers to the deity. It was then followed by the recitation of shlokas, mantras and hymns. An air of divine spirit filled up the place. After all the rituals were performed the guests took to the mic and expressed their views. Chidanand Muni Maharaj said that the temple would give a lot of benefits to many people, especially business owners. He said the renovation would attract travellers and pilgrims to visit the site.

MLA Ritu Khanduri said that at one request Yash Birla was ready to help in the renovation of the temple. She expressed her gratitude for this. She further informed me about the progress Rishikesh would make in the coming years in all significant fields under her guidance.

Inauguration of the Garud Mandir by Yash Birla was very important as it helped revive an ancient temple. Among the other members present during the event were Indra Prakash Agarwal, Narayan Rawat, Manish Rajput, Sanjeev Kapoor, Ashwani Gupta, Vinita Nautiyal, Puja Arya and others.