Delphic Council logo launch was done by Veteran actors Hema Malini (dream Girl), Paresh Rawal, and Mr. Yash Birla at Birla House. The presence of these

 talented personalities and Mr. Yash Birla 

made this even a successful one.

The logo of the Delphic council was launched on 21 August 2021 at Raj Bhawan. The launch was carried by the governor of the Delphic council and President of Delphic Council Shri Sahil Seth. The opportunity was a great move to maintain harmony amongst territory.
Hema Malini (dream Girl) & Paresh Rawal at Birla House
Delphic games represent the talents of art and culture from different parts of the countries. Maharashtra was a part of this cultural show for four years and won medals.

The Delphic game was born 2500 years ago in Greece. It was considered to be the twin sister of the Olympics games. Olympics are the representation of physical sports whereas Delphic Games is the showcase of art and culture of different parts of the countries.

The Delphic Games are a unique, global platform for the dialogue of arts and the encounter of cultures. The International Delphic Council, which is based in Berlin, organizes them every four years around the world. So far, they have visited eight countries. Six major categories, including Musical Arts & Sounds, Performing Arts, Language Arts, Visual Arts, Social Arts, and Ecological Arts & Architecture are represented with hundreds of subcategories and genres and offer a platform for artists across art forms, art lovers, and various stakeholders.