Mr Yash Birla, the industrialist, fitness icon and the Birla scion, has been invited to attend the Durgotsav Event, Powai, as a guest and interact in a few activities that happen at the event. Mr Birla is a very spiritual person and that is no secret. He loves to attend events that connect with his ideologies and faith.

Powai Bengali Welfare Association (PBWA) – a registered charitable organization was formed in 2006 by motley of passionate Powai-ites who shared among themselves the desire not only to make a difference to their immediate neighbourhood but also to the society at large by way of enhancing cultural and social harmony. The same year, as the very first step, PBWA organized the Sarvajanin Durgotsav with the purpose of bringing people from all walks of life, irrespective of cast, creed and religion, closer to each other with the purpose of offering a platform to interact and communicate. From its humble moorings in 2006, today our Durgotsav has become a landmark event in the cosmopolitan calendar of Mumbai.

Keeping in line with their primary motive, the organization since the very first year of its inception, has also been involved in a number of social causes both by extending support to several social organisations and by launching a host of unique in-house initiatives like MSS – an initiative to empower women, Diwali with a Difference, various community development projects.

Last but not the least, PBWA has contributed significantly to the cultural activities in Mumbai. They have periodically organised events that have showcased the cultural heritage of our country in various ways, aptly living up to our credo – culture binds us!

The event flow for Maha Ashtami:

Maha Ashtami 


  1. Visit & Interaction with Mission Swayam Siddha ( MSS) girls who r setting up a stall to showcase their wares. MSS is the initiative by Powai Bengali Welfare Association to empower women of the marginalised sections of the society. Throughout the year we give them vocational training. Through MSS we make them self reliant.
  1. We at Powai Bengali Welfare Association ( PBWA) believe in inclusive society. Our Durgotsav is a melting pot of all section of the society to come & interact. We always encourage all marginalised section to come & integrate with various aspects of Durgotsav. LGBT community is one of them. We have given them a stall space to showcase their wares. Mr. Birla can Visit the stalls alongwith with other NGO stalls viz. blind person association etc. & interact with them. 
  2. Debi darshan & offer Puja. 
  3. Interaction with other members of the committee. 

Address: 126, Powai Plaza, 1st Floor, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai.