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Yash Birla is the Chairman of a well-recognized business group – ‘The Yash Birla Group’. Mr Yashovardhan Birla is not just a business tycoon. His life is an amalgamation of fitness, fashion, spirituality, tradition, reading, and writing. He is a man of multiple talents…

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Are you fond of reading? Do you find it extremely difficult to manage reading in your everyday schedule? Read Mr Yash Birla’s latest book “On a Prayer” which is now available on audible. Listen to the audio anytime and at any place of your choice.

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What The Critics Say

Treat This Book as an Effective Personal Fitness Trainer

“Your body is your temple, as Yash Birla rightly puts across. As you treat a temple with utmost reverence, your body also should be treated with the sanctity it deserves. While this book shows how to get the ultimate body shape, it also deals with fitness as a holistic pursuit rather than an isolated activity. Besides focusing on the exercises and workouts it also talks about Yash’s regard for a good vegetarian diet and holistic living which have helped him achieve his fitness goals. I have worked out with Yash personally and seen that he actually follows his ideologies to the utmost.”

This Book Will Change Your Perspective on Life

A mentor is someone who inspires , encourages and leads by example. This is exactly expressed in the book ‘Building a perfect body’ says Mr Salman Khan who has known Mr. Yash Birla personally for many years. He has always admired Yash’s great physique and consistent dedication and progress in maintaining a healthy body in perfect shape. This book proves that physical fitness is not only about aesthetics and brawny appearance but it brings about the overall harmony & synergy of mind, body and soul.

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