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  • Fitness is one of the things that Yash Birla follows with great passion and devotion. With an immense experience of more than two decades, he has written a book "Building The Perfect Body." This book has been written on bodybuilding in the Indian context. Yash Birla explains that in order to build a perfect body, one does not need to spend hours in a gym. Starting to work out every day by spending at least half an hour is a great start for any beginner. Although this book demonstrates how to get the ideal body form, it also discusses fitness as a comprehensive endeavour rather than a solitary pastime. Along with emphasising the exercises and workouts, it also discusses Yash Birla's respect for a healthy vegetarian diet and holistic lifestyle, all of which have aided him in achieving his fitness objectives. Yash Birla wants everyone to use this book as a blueprint for a healthier self. Everyone desires to have a perfect body, and with this book, Yash Birla hopes that everyone will enjoy this book. However, these are not rules which need to be followed; take proper guidance from your instructor before following the exercises.
  • On a Prayer Book By Mr Yash Birla

    At the age of twenty-two, Yash Birla received a phone call that was enough to make him believe that his life was never going to be the same as before. It was almost dawn when he was informed about his parents and sister's demise in a sudden plane crash that took place in Bangalore. He was taken aback and numb after knowing all of this. Over time, Yash was responsible for a conglomerate of the Birla group. This transition was not a smooth one, he had to fight for his heir rights and face bitter challenges from business opponents both inside and outside the extended family. Despite being born in a well-to-do, wealthy family, Yash had to fight his way to live his life. This is a story of a man who overcomes the hurdles of life and 'earns' the place he is today. His journey encompasses his spiritual beliefs and faith in true love that act as a crutch for him to continue. Money, God, greed, beliefs, and an inside view of one of India's oldest industrial families... is what scribbles down the story of "ON A PRAYER."


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